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Campaigns Builder

Content Editor • Complex In-page Interactions

Campaign Builder is an application for doctors to design beautiful campaign emails without an art degree, automate the distribution, and track the ROI.




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Lead Designer

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Project Summary

In 2018, we took the technology from an acquired company and built a completely new Campaigns Web App. As the lead designer, I worked with two other designers and re-imagined the whole experience based on user needs. Together we delivered the design of the entire App as well as 36 module templates for each of the 5 verticals (medical, dental, chiro, vet, beauty).

Why Campaigns?

It costs anywhere from 5 to 25 times less to retain an existing client than to acquire a new one.
(Harvard Business Review)


Marketing emails help doctors bring back current patients for routine care and recommended services, and even reactivate lost clients who are long overdue for their next visit.


Empower users to do their best work

According to the needs of different roles, I grouped all the functionalities into 3 sections, so that each role can get to what they need faster without much distraction.

Sections: Campaigns Builder, Portfolio, Performance Tracking

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Campaign Builder - Build Reputation.jpg
Portfolio - Draft.jpg

Introduce confidence and control

The setup of automated distribution can be overwhelming. With an understanding of the users' thought process, I adopted progressive reveal as much as possible, and turned multi-step interrelated settings into Mad-Lib style sentences using human language.

Step 2 Select Recipients  - Criteria - I
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Facilitate guided creativity

One of the biggest design challenges I encountered was the Campaigns Editor. After several rounds of iteration and feedback gathering, I found the right balance between customizability and quality control for user-generated content. 

Our users are provided with an ever-updating email template library to start. Each template comes with pre-populated content tailored towards their industry, but is also highly customizable. With the ability to add and remove modules, change module layout and color themes, users are able to keep generating beautiful emails.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 12.32.14

Design for Scalability

The new components designed for this Campaigns App were extracted, synthesized and categorized and the end. I then worked with another designer to add the new components to the Design System that we had been constantly updating. These components were later used in other projects by the design team, and slowly we are turning all the acquired technologies into one holistic experience.

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More details available upon request.

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